Hey! I'm Jianmin Chen. But you can just call me jc. I'm constantly working on various projects at any given time and pretending that I'll be able to finish them. In my free time, I also like running, reading (I read a lot, check out my digital bookshelf!), playing the guitar, and stressing over the small things. You can catch me at the following places:

Now that I've started talking about myself, I should probably talk a little more. (Trust me, I'm less talkative in real life.) I discovered programming when I found an awesome book called Python for Kids at my local library. (I've since moved, but Brooklyn is an awesome place. I lived in Bay Ridge.) Programming is basically my favorite pastime, as long as I don't feel pressured to do it. (I think not enjoying being pressured to do something applies to a lot of things, but especially learning. Take that, public school system!) And that's me in a nutshell.

A pretty large chunk of my day is spent doing something tech-related. Currently, mostly full-stack web development, but I've also been exploring: WebGL, C, building games, building programming languages and more.

What are you doing currently?

What am I thinking about currently? feels like the right question.

Nostalgia. Looking at the future. Life changes so fast.